About Us | À propos de nous

The St. Paul community is just that, a community. The Parent Participation Organization (PPO) is comprised of parent volunteers who plan, fundraise and implement a variety of activities for our students. Examples of this are the “welcome back” corn roast, Halloween activities, bake sales, book fairs, holiday outings and breakfast, winter carnival, end-of-year field day and more!

The St. Paul Governing Board is comprised of staff members and parents and is responsible for overseeing certain areas of the school’s functioning, as per the Quebec Education Act. This committee meets monthly to discuss various topics, approve and/or adopt proposals and policies for the school.


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A Little bit About Us

St. Paul is part of the Sir Wilfrid Laurier School Board and serves students from eastern Laval, specifically Vimont and Duvernay. We currently educate 450 students on a shared campus between our Junior (Main) and Senior (Annex) buildings. We have a staff comprised of a Principal, a Vice-Principal, 35 Teachers, 2 Secretaries, 10 Attendants, 1 Daycare Technician, 6 Daycare Educators, 16 Noon-hour Supervisors and 3 Caretakers.

One Great School, Two Buildings!

Our shared campus between the two buildings allows students the unique opportunity to learn in an environment surrounded by learners of a similar age group.

  • Our Main building currently houses our Pre-Kindergarten, Kindergarten, and Cycle One (Grades 1 and 2) students and is equipped with a full gymnasium, library, resource room, computer lab, sensory room, music room, visual arts workshop and is completely wired for SMART technology and interactive white boards.
  • Our Annex building is home to our senior students in Grades 3 through 6 and is equipped with a library, music room, resource room, full gymnasium, computer lab, daycare room, and cafeteria and is wired for SMART technology.
  • With an ongoing ‘entente’ with the City of Laval, we are also permitted to use the baseball field, winter skating rink and Parc St. Ernest during our recesses, lunch period and daycare hours. This more than doubles the size of our outdoor play area and provides a variety of opportunities for play for our students.


All students who reside in our school’s zone are entitled to transportation via school bus, unless they live within walking distance.  Alternately, parents may transport their child to and from school or make use of our daycare services.

For our Students with Special Needs

Not all students learn at the same rate, and some do require additional support to experience success with their learning. All of our students experience an inclusive model, with students experiencing various needs integrated in many of our classes. In order to support our students who have special learning needs, we have the following systems in place:

  • Resource Support from qualified teachers to offer additional support during their learning time in English Language Arts and Mathematics;
  • Possibility of acquiring and using Assistive Technology through grants from the government, if application is approved;
  • Individual Education Plans outlining adaptations, modifications and accommodations made to promote student success.
  • We are also a nut-safe school. Products explicitly containing nuts (peanut butter, Nutella etc.) are forbidden and we encourage all students to choose nut-free products for their school snacks. Students with anaphylactic allergies are identified in their classrooms and Epipens are kept centrally for emergency use. All teachers receive Epipen training at the beginning of each school year.

Dress Code

Our school has a simple dress code which allows all students to learn in a non-judgmental environment. Putting all students on a more even playing field in terms of their clothing ensures that students are not judged or ostracized for their clothing choices. Our dress code consists of plain navy blue bottoms and white, navy  or gray tops.

Safe Schools Plans

Our school has an approved Anti-Bullying, Anti-Violence Plan to ensure the safety of our students. Our data shows that incidents of bullying (by it’s true definition) are rare in our school.

  • Evacuation practices are held multiple times throughout the year and our plans and response times have been exemplary, as per the Laval Fire Department.
  • All school entrances are locked form the outside during the day. Adults wishing to enter the school, must be buzzed in by the secretaries.

Extra-Curricular Activities Offered by Teachers

Several teachers at St. Paul volunteer their time to provide additional activities for students outside of their teaching time. Below is a list of the extra-curricular activities usually offered. Due to the current Pandemic situation, extra-curricular activities are not taking place, as per the directives from the Ministry of Education and Public Health.

  • La petite chorale
  • Glee Club
  • Green Team
  • Intermural Sports Teams (flag football, basketball)
  • Zumba Club
  • Fitness Club & Workout of the Week
  • Knitting Club
  • Talent Show
  • PELO Italian Language Classes offered after classes through a grant we receive from the Government annually.
  • Also, twice monthly, the Our Lady of Divine Love Church hosts Catechism classes in our Main building, after school hours.  

MEES Daycare: Kids-R-Us

Daycare services offered from 7:00 a.m. until the start of classes at 9:05 a.m. and after school from the end of classes at 3:45 p.m. until 6:00 p.m. and are charged based on the rate established by the Government. The current rate is $8.50/day. This includes snack time, physical play time (indoors or outdoors) and a designated homework period.

  • Daycare is also open to registered students during Pedagogical days and special activities are planned in school. Sometimes outings are also planned on these days. Additional fees are charged for Pedagogical Days.
  • Special projects and themes are planned annually for all students and often encourage family participation.

Our Timetable

Students at St. Paul have five class periods per day. We also offer two recess breaks in addition to our lunch hour. During the lunch hour, students eat for half of the time and play outdoors (weather permitting) for the other half.

Classes begin at 9:00 a.m. and end at 3:50 p.m. Students have two outdoor recess periods, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. The lunch hour is 60 minutes, with half of the time spent inside eating and the other half outside.

Our Amazing Parent Volunteers

We have a very active Parent Participation Organization (PPO) which meets regularly throughout the year to organize fundraisers and special activities for our students. This year, they have organized a Welcome Back Corn Roast, Halloween Dance and Magician, Milk and Cookies with Santa and a Scholastic Book Fair. There are more activities planned for the remainder of the year as well!

Our Governing Board is comprised of parents and staff members and meets monthly to oversee many of the decisions regarding the school’s finances, code of conduct, field trips, policies and procedures and more. Members are elected each September at the General Assembly of Parents.

With success rates over 98% on the Grade 6 final exam for the basic French Second Language Program, we decided to offer the Programme d’immersion beginning in the 2017-2018 school year, and beyond.

At St. Paul, we use only Ministry approved teaching materials and workbooks. Teachers have digital licenses for online didactic materials to enhance the students’ learning by the use of SMART technology and interactive whiteboards.

We receive a number of grants annually from the government which allow us to provide students with additional support.

At St. Paul, our curriculum and the minutes assigned to each subject are in line with the recommendations from the Quebec Education Program and Basic School Regulation, allowing our students to experience success in all subjects.

We have recently received one grant which will allow us to purchase a variety of flexible seating options for students in the coming months, including desk-bikes, fidget seats, standing desks and more!

Curriculum And Time Allocation

50% instruction in English based on the Quebec Education Program for Kindergarten
50% Instruction in French, based on the Quebec Education Program for Kindergarten                    including Musique and Éducation Physique
Cycle 1: Grades 1 & 2
Instruction in English, includes:

  • Language Arts
  • Mathematics
  • Ethics & Religious Cultures
Instruction in French, includes:

  • Français (programme d’immersion)
  • Musique
  • Arts Visuels
  • Éducation Physique
Cycles 2 & 3: Grades 3-6
Instruction in English, includes:

  • Language Arts
  • Mathematics
  • Ethics & Religious Cultures
  • Science & Technology
Instruction in French, includes:

  • Français (programme d’immersion)
  • Musique
  • Arts Dramatiques
  • Éducation Physique
  • Géographie, Histoire et Citoyenneté