Governing Board | Conseil d’établissement

The St. Paul Governing Board is comprised of staff members and parents and is responsible for overseeing certain areas of the school’s functioning, as per the Quebec Education Act. This committee meets monthly to discuss various topics, approve and/or adopt proposals and policies for the school.

Once the minutes of the GB meetings are approved (at the following month’s meeting), they will be posted here for public consultation.

Voting Members (Elected)

  1. Michelina Capozi, Parent Member | Chairperson
  2. Michele Panichella, Parent Member
  3. Leanna Camarra, Parent Member
  4. Amanda-Marie Scolack, Parent Member
  5. Tammy Lalonde, Parent Member
  6. Vincenzo Cefali, Parent Member
  7. David Bergin, Teacher
  8. Gianna Labbiento, Teacher
  9. Karine Duval, Teacher
  10. Nikki De Crescenzo, Teacher
  11. Manon Lacoste, Daycare Technician

Non-Voting Members

  1. Lynn Neveu, Principal
  2. Tara Venieris, Vice Principal
  3. Helen Morrison, Community Representative 

June 2021 Meeting:

September 30, 2021 Meeting:

October 28, 2021 Meeting:

October 2021 Minutes

November 25, 2021 Meeting:

November 2021 Minutes

January 27, 2022 Meeting:

January 2022 Minutes

March 31, 2022 Meeting:

March 2022 Minutes